Women’s Beach Volleyball Warriors Make Waves with Third Consecutive Cal-Pac Championship Victory

Women’s Beach Volleyball Warriors Make Waves with Third Consecutive Cal-Pac Championship Victory

In the midst of a tempestuous Saturday at Warm Waters Jetty Beach in Carlsbad, Calif., the Westcliff women’s beach volleyball team showcased their dominance while clenching their third consecutive Cal Pac championship. Despite the inclement weather, the Warriors displayed unwavering determination and skill, securing a resounding victory amidst rain and fierce winds.

The championship showdown commenced with a compelling 5-0 sweep against Benedictine, despite the challenging noon rain. However, the pinnacle of the day came during the final match against arch rivals, Saint Katherine, and the formidable NAIA No. 6 Warriors. Despite a valiant effort from the Firebirds, who managed to overturn the reigning champions with a 3-2 win, it was Westcliff who ultimately emerged victorious in the tiebreaker, courtesy of Ava Himstreet and Amanda Ferreira’s stellar performance.

The intensity of the matches was palpable as the Warriors triumphed in just two games, with a score of 21-19, 25-23, securing the coveted Cal Pac crown for the third consecutive year. Amidst the jubilant celebrations that ensued, first-year Head Coach Hannah Matt reflected on the rollercoaster of emotions, expressing pride and relief at the team’s achievement.

However, the path to victory was not without its challenges, as individual matchups tested the Warriors’ resilience. Marcella Rodriguez and Brooke Scheidle faced adversity in Game 1 but displayed remarkable tenacity to bounce back in Game 2, only to narrowly miss out on victory in Game 3. Similarly, Sabrina Galassi and Diamonique Brogan encountered a tough battle, ultimately succumbing to their opponents in a closely contested match.

Nonetheless, the Warriors rallied together, with Faith Webb and Chloe Johnson clinching a crucial win in three games, showcasing the team’s depth and determination. Sammie Swanson and Ella Beck delivered a commanding performance in the 6s, securing a decisive victory and contributing to the team’s overall success.

Looking ahead, Coach Matt emphasized the importance of adapting to adverse weather conditions, acknowledging the need for continued hard work and focus as they prepare for future tournaments. Despite the triumph, the team remains grounded, maintaining their commitment to staying present and focused on the journey ahead.

As the Westcliff community rejoices in this historic achievement, the women’s beach volleyball team’s triumph serves as a testament to their dedication, teamwork, and indomitable spirit. With their eyes set on future challenges, the Warriors stand poised to continue their legacy of excellence, representing Westcliff University with pride and determination. Westcliff Dean of Athletics Shawn Harris stated, “This championship is more than a triumph in sports; it reflects our unified spirit and the pursuit of excellence that defines Westcliff University.” This marks championship number 21 and counting for Warriors athletics.