Westcliff University. Waves of Friendship, Beach Day in Huntington Beach

Waves of Friendship: Westcliff Students Take to the Beach

Westcliff University’s Student Life hosted an exciting day in Huntington Beach, Calif., on Saturday, May 25 aimed at introducing the beach for the first time to many of its international students.

With campuses in sunny Southern California and Florida, among others, the beach is a beloved part of local life. However, many international students come from places where they don’t have this privilege. That’s why this beach event was so momentous for them — it offered a unique opportunity to experience the California waters and its coastal lifestyle firsthand. 

Westcliff University Student Life beach day, Huntington Beach. Students playing cornholeThe setting was perfect, and the conditions couldn’t have been more idyllic. The sun was shining, temperatures were in the comfortable 70s, and a cool ocean breeze added to the charm – it was a day straight out of a Southern California postcard.

Students from diverse backgrounds, including India, Nigeria, Germany, and more, gathered to enjoy the event. Among them was Sahil Kukreja, a DBA candidate who grew up in India and studied abroad in Germany for two years, far away from any beaches. For him, this was a moment of pure joy and new experiences. 

“The university gave me an opportunity to make some friends and enjoy the ocean for the first time,” said Kukreja. “It’s been exciting.”

Before the eventful plunge into the water, the Westcliff tent brimmed with soft drinks, plentiful snacks, and an array of games to keep everyone entertained. 

The atmosphere was electric with a lively top-40 party mix filling the air, creating the perfect soundtrack for an epic game of cornhole, where students enthusiastically battled it out. 

Westcliff University Student Life beach day, Huntington Beach. Students playing footballAfter the cornhole match, students enjoyed a myriad of other activities, including diving into a makeshift volleyball game, playing catch with a football, and even kicking around a soccer ball, all adding to the lively mix of the day. 

Following the activities, students gathered for introductions, giving everyone a chance to share their stories and majors, and to get to know their new friends and colleagues. And, of course, no event is complete without food—students enjoyed delicious pizza, adding a tasty element to a day of fun and bonding.

Finally, the highly anticipated moment arrived—the thrilling plunge into the ocean that so many students had been eagerly awaiting. With enthusiasm bubbling and fresh swimsuits donned, the students eagerly ventured into the invigorating waters of the Pacific Ocean, experiencing its embrace for the very first time. 

Emotions ran high as they played in the water; a few students even screeched as they underestimated the chilling temperatures of the ocean. In the end, they were all smiles, splashing water at each other, forming connections, and most importantly, having an unforgettable time.

“It was exciting,” Kukreja said, as he shivered from the cool breeze hitting his wet body. “An event like this will help you make connections and friends, which is important when studying away from home.”

Westcliff University’s Student Life is renowned for its vibrant array of activities and events, such as this beach event, designed to enrich the student experience and foster a dynamic campus community. For more information on upcoming events, visit Student Life at Westcliff University.