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Students attending Westcliff University come from a variety of backgrounds and they work hard to balance the demands of their jobs and families with those of their studies. Westcliff University understands the immense commitment our students are making to further their education.

westcliff university life at westcliff student life friendshipsWe understand the importance of community and building relationships through student clubs and organizations. As part of Student Life at Westcliff, we are adhering to our core values. We strive for honesty as we are truthful in our actions. We value integrity in our community. We seek mutual respect between one another. We are personally accountable for our choices. We understand we have a social responsibility to better ourselves and the communities surrounding us. As global citizens, we develop knowledge, empathy, and a sense of overall humanity for those who come from a different place. Lastly, we value inclusion as we understand that we can learn from each other.

Student Life works hard to provide our students with an inclusive campus community and new opportunities to connect with their peers. Please keep an eye out and join us for our next event. Let’s create a community together!

Visit Us on Campus!

Visit Us on Campus at the Student Life Center and meet the incredible Student Life Team, Peer Mentors, and Student Ambassadors. We look forward to welcoming you and assisting you in making the most of your campus experience!

Student Life Center 
17877 Von Karman Ave 4th floor, Irvine, CA 92614, 
Monday – Friday
11AM – 5PM

Around WU

Westcliff University understands that academics are not the only important aspect of our students’ lives. We’ve accumulated a small list of some local resources that students may want to check out – ranging from local restaurants, hotels, and activities.



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