Orange County Business Journal: Westcliff University Finalizes Its Acquisition of Western State College of Law

Westcliff University officially finalized its acquisition of Western State College of Law. Anthony Lee, President and CEO of Westcliff, is eager to continue serving the Orange County community through quality education.

With education transitioning to remote learning and given the current economic climate, finding a law school that can properly accommodate remote learning is a must. Westcliff University has been successful in remote learning for over 10 years now and plans to use that expertise to elevate the law school, especially given that remote instruction is not as popular in the field of law. Along with the transition to remote learning, both Western State and Westcliff University have gone above and beyond to support students in learning remotely through efforts like providing quiet classrooms for bar exams and shifting the Westcliff ARC (Academic Resource Center) online. 

The rapid growth and constant innovation at Westcliff University is truly remarkable; with future plans including new, state-of-the-art office spaces, a revolutionary STEAM Preparatory Academy for high school students, a new SMART™ Capstone Project where MBA students work directly with companies to gain real-world experience, and much more.