Financial Aid

Payment Plan Options

*Payment Plan Options and Policy:


Westcliff University offers the below payment plan to assist students with their financial needs. As a student at Westcliff University, you are free to choose from any one of these options: 


Full Program Payment Option (1 payment prior to program start):
Students may elect to make a full payment for the entire program. Payment is due one week prior to the start of the program.

Full Semester Payment Option (1 payment prior to each semester start):
Students may pay the semester tuition in full, along with applicable fees, four weeks prior to the beginning of a semester. Tuition is assessed in accordance with the student’s enrollment agreement.

Westcliff University Auto-Debit Payment Plan:

This Westcliff University Auto-Debit Payment Plan is available to assist with tuition and certain fees.There is a $50.00 Processing Fee that is charged per payment plan each semester.

The first payment required to be completed will be a 40% down payment of their current tuition along with the $50.00 processing fee. Students Remaining Balance will then be equally split into the appropriate amounts and dates that will be discussed with a Student accounts Representative and must enroll using the Paypal Auto-Debit Subscription. To request more information or to be enrolled into this payment plan please email the Student Accounts department prior to the start date of the Semester.