Westcliff Full Stack Coding Bootcamp
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IGNITE Incubator

The Westcliff Incubator is an opportunity for companies to work directly with our students on an ongoing basis to provide those students with exposure to the startup experience and the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their programs to a living, breathing organization. In support of Westcliff’s entrepreneurial culture, IGNITE provides a home for startup companies looking to grow their business with support from the university and ongoing collaboration with student teams.

Each company is provided with working space as well as access to faculty and students for special projects that include the SMART Capstone program and projects that are below the time and resource commitments of Capstone. IGNITE offers Westcliff faculty a blank canvas that can be used to paint engaging classroom exercises based on the entrepreneurial journeys of IGNITE CEOs that capture the attention and imagination of their students.

Our initial cohort of the IGNITE Incubator includes independent startup companies that maintain residency on-campus include:

AONDevices (AON) was founded in 2018. The company provides ultra-low power, high accuracy AI processors that enable sensing capabilities never before available in the semiconductor industry.

BrainLeap Technologies Inc. was founded in 2017. BrainLeap is a software company that uses gaze-driven video games to help train children with attention challenges.

Fyncom was established in 2019 with a mission to help business lower their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), by making it possible for them to literally pay people for their attention. Just like what Google did with ‘cost per click’, Fyncom invented ‘cost per attention’.

SAYA Life was founded in 2019. The ultimate goal of SAYA Life is to continuously monitor water usage. SAYA Smart water management uses machine learning and AI to predict water overuse, leaks, and changes in water quality before they become catastrophic events.

Seekrz was found in 2017 as a mobile trading platform for the pre-owned premium streetwear marketplace. Originally named Swappit, Seekrz is a one-of-a-kind smartphone application that facilitates the trade of pre-owned premiums streetwear while ensuring authenticity.