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IGNITE Incubator

The IGNITE Program within SMART: Fostering Student and Faculty-Led Entrepreneurship

While the Westcliff University Strategic Management of Applied Research and Technology (SMART™) capstone program traditionally supported external startup ventures, we are excited to introduce IGNITE, a subcategory within SMART tailored specifically to eCommerce startup initiatives originating from our students and faculty.

In contrast to the typical SMART Capstone structure, which operates in limited eight-week sessions, IGNITE is designed to be a continuous presence. For instance, PurposefulBuying.org, an eCommerce platform developed by students across multiple SMART Capstone sessions, continues to evolve and thrive under subsequent teams. Each new team takes charge of the platform, driving its growth and enhancing its business and marketing strategies through practical innovation.

IGNITE serves as a dynamic startup laboratory within the SMART Capstone Program, offering a nurturing environment for MBA and DBA students to develop revenue-generating ventures rooted in global social responsibility. PurposefulBuying.org, functioning as a non-profit entity, directs all profits towards Pahar-Trust, a respected charity dedicated to building schools in remote Nepalese villages.

IGNITE represents a canvas awaiting the imagination and entrepreneurial spirit of Westcliff University students. The program is committed to launching entrepreneurship competitions biannually, with winning teams receiving mentorship and resources from SMART to aid in business formation, creation, and incubation. During the incubation period under IGNITE, participants benefit from tailored support and guidance, empowering their ventures to flourish.