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SMART™ MBA Consulting

Companies are looking for experienced talent that can provide fresh thinking and insight to address complex business issues. They are searching not just for educated talent, but people with hands-on experience. To help students meet employer expectations, we have developed the Strategic Management of Applied Research and Technology (SMART™) capstone. This is a unique opportunity for students to act as management consultants to gain the skills they need to get hired or advance their careers.

We connect students with executives to address complex issues facing their organizations. We partner with global powerhouses, regional brands, non-profits and startups. As a result, students refine communication skills and develop creative thinking abilities at a pace and intensity that exceeds other programs.

How Does It Work? / What to Expect?

  • Work with small student teams of no more than 5 people
  • Gain insights into other departments and industries
  • Receive support and guidance from faculty, executives, and mentors

109 Companies • 500 Students • 99% Company Satisfaction

Connecting Students with Companies

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