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New Student Orientation Returns to Campus

Friday, August 18, brought some 200 incoming students in both undergraduate and graduate programs to the Westcliff University-hosted new student orientation at the main campus in Irvine, California. This event marked a significant milestone as it was the first in-person new student orientation since the onset of the pandemic. The palpable enthusiasm and delight from students, staff, and faculty underscored the collective joy of welcoming these new scholars to the campus.

westcliff new student orientation connecting studentsThe day commenced with a vibrant welcome fair held in the courtyard, providing an opportunity for students to congregate, interact, and acquaint themselves with various booths, which represented diverse University clubs, including the Yoga Club, Trail Runners Club, Surf Club, and Active Minds Club. They served as an excellent platform for students to learn about these clubs and the process of joining them. Additionally, a social responsibility booth showcased the University’s commitment to community engagement, highlighting partnerships with nonprofit organizations such as Unlimited Possibilities and the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.

One particular booth that garnered significant attention was the Acai Republic booth. A local restaurant in the nearby city of Orange. Acai Republic, a frequent collaborator with Westcliff, generously distributed free samples and offered a variety of delicious smoothie bowls for students to enjoy on the warm, sunny day.

westcliff new student orientation welcome fairStudents also had the opportunity to partake in campus tours and attend informative sessions in classrooms to prepare for their upcoming courses. The presence of more students during this new student orientation heralded the beginning of a broader return to campus, featuring both in-person and hybrid learning options across various programs.

Claire Crouch, a senior undergraduate athletics advisor and the lead organizer of the new student orientation, expressed her thoughts on the return to campus, stating, “The new student orientation was a resounding success, characterized by its flawless execution and the authentic joy of connecting with students on campus, fostering a sense of community and enthusiasm for their academic journey ahead.”

westcliff university new student orientation students connectEven after the orientation officially concluded, students stayed on campus, forging connections and networking. Conversations revolved around upcoming classes, club activities, sports events, and other noteworthy happenings at Westcliff. Some students even seized the opportunity to visit the nearby brewery restaurant, Hangar Bar, where they could enjoy delicious food and beverages at a discounted rate, exclusively available to Westcliff students. The atmosphere resonated with excitement as these students officially embraced their roles as Westcliff Warriors, eagerly anticipating the promising years ahead with the university.


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