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COVID-19 Information & Updates

Coronavirus update: 8/12/2021

Hello Students,

As the Fall semester nears, I am excited to share with you that we will be providing more opportunities for on-campus learning in every degree program. Faculty and students alike have been enjoying the limited onsite sessions that we have hosted at our Irvine campus, and we are going to increase these opportunities so that more of you have the option to enjoy our new campus and all of its amenities.

Safety First

The safety of our students is our number one priority. We want to ensure that you take every precaution that you deem necessary while pursuing your education. This is why we will continue to provide remote options for all class meetings. We strongly encourage all students who intend to come to campus or attend other indoor gatherings outside the home to get vaccinated or, for those who cannot, to get tested frequently. Our administration team has put together a list of testing sites and vaccination centers for COVID-19 local to our Irvine campus. Please see the list of testing sites and vaccination centers below:

Onsite Classes in Fall 2021

All Fall 2021 classes will start their first week with an online course meeting. Select classes in both undergraduate and graduate programs have been assigned dates for onsite class meetings through the remainder of the session. All onsite meetings are optional, and every one of them will also have a remote attendance option.

All students should plan to:

  • Check their student portals by the week of August 16 to determine if any of their classes have onsite class meetings

  • Consult with their advisor to determine if they need to attend the onsite class meetings

  • Attend their first week of class meetings remotely

  • Indicate to their faculty during their first week if they would like to attend onsite class meetings the remainder of the session (if they are offered)

For students planning to attend onsite class meetings, they will be held at one of the following addresses:

Irvine-based classes
17877 Von Karman Ave, Suite 400
Irvine, CA 92614

Miami-based classes
825 Brickell Bay Dr, 18th Floor
Miami, FL 33131

Please note that all safety precautions remain in place on campus, including social distancing, facial coverings, temperature screening, and increased sanitization schedules. We are continuing to monitor the guidance we are provided by the CDC, state and local health offices, and our other regulatory bodies to ensure we make the most informed decisions possible. Should new information lead to a change in any of our current plans, we will be sure to notify you as soon as possible.

Thank you for being part of the Westcliff family, and please know that we are doing our best every day to provide you the quality educational experience that you deserve.

Dr. Anthony Lee
Westcliff University

Coronavirus update: 6/4/2021

Dear Westcliff Family,

As I am sure many of you are aware, California has plans to “reopen” on June 15, 2021, with the removal of capacity restrictions and other provisions put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are encouraged by the progress that has been made to combat the pandemic, and we look forward to a return to normalcy as much as anyone.

Westcliff is very excited to offer onsite class meetings this summer. Dates for these class meetings have been communicated out via our faculty and advising team for Session 5 and our professional (weekend) programs, and Session 6 dates will be forthcoming. We are maintaining remote attendance opportunities for all class meetings; however, please note that all initial F1 students are expected to attend onsite class meetings.

Students who do choose to come to campus before or after June 15, 2021 should know that Westcliff will not be immediately removing the safety protocol that we adopted in response to the pandemic last year. Masks, social distancing, entrance screening (including temperature checks and questionnaire), and other sanitation measures (including frequent classroom cleanings and requirements for handwashing) remain in place and must be adhered to by everyone on campus.

Thank you for your observation of these requirements while you are on campus. Our top priority remains the safety and well-being of the entire Westcliff family.

Dr. Anthony Lee
Westcliff University


Coronavirus update: 3/30/2021

Hello Westcliff Family,

This month marked the anniversary of Westcliff’s transition to remote learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Your resilience and perseverance in the face of the pandemic has been a true source of inspiration for myself and the rest of the leadership team at Westcliff. I have no doubt that your efforts will be well worth it as you look to the future and all of the possibilities that come with it.

As the pandemic starts to get under control, we are adhering to the guidance of local, state, and federal health officials as we plan for the future. Westcliff currently intends to offer more optional onsite class meetings in the Summer semester, the details of which are still being finalized. Please know that unless stated otherwise, these onsite meetings are completely optional, and all classes held onsite will be streamed over Zoom as well. Students who prefer to not come to campus will be accommodated with remote learning options. More to come on that soon.

Thank you all for what you do to make Westcliff a great place to learn, work, and grow. I look forward to the amazing things you will accomplish in the classroom, on the court or field, and in your careers. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay dedicated to your own success.

Dr. Anthony Lee
Westcliff University


Coronavirus update: 3/10/2021:

Update For F-1 Students

Westcliff University continues to offer onsite instruction for new F-1 students each semester as per the guidance of SEVP. Existing F-1 students do maintain the option to continue their studies fully online at this time. We have submitted our procedural adaptation plan in response to COVID-19 to SEVP regarding our hybrid schedule and mode of operation as required during this COVID-19 pandemic in abidance with all rules and regulations that are required for our initial F-1 students.


Coronavirus update: 2/9/2021:

Update For Remote Learning at Westcliff

Dear Westcliff Family,

Westcliff University remains committed to your success as well as your health and safety. The conversion to remote teaching and learning has presented challenges on all fronts, and we are so proud of the Westcliff family; students, faculty, and staff for rising to those challenges and exceeding expectations.

As a reminder, the remainder of the Spring Semester will be online, with the exception of some limited onsite instruction opportunities we are targeting for April. More information is forthcoming on those, and Westcliff University continues to monitor conditions closely to ensure the prudence of our decisions.

Many of you are already looking ahead to the Summer Semester. Please know that we have not finalized our plans for that term just yet. However, we are considering an approach similar to the Spring Session for the Summer Session. Expect to have options for attending classes remotely during the Summer Semester. Again, conditions may change, which may cause our plans to change, so nothing is definitive at this time. We will inform everyone as soon as we know for sure what the Summer semester will look like.

Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay driven for success! 
Thank you, and should you have any questions; please contact


Coronavirus update: 12/16/2020:

All Classes Online for Spring Semester 2021

Hello Students, 

As we find ourselves in the midst of holidays for people of many different cultures and nationalities, Westcliff observes the recent American Thanksgiving holiday by expressing gratitude for the resilience and dedication of our student body. Your commitment to your educational goals is the foundation of what makes Westcliff University a great place to learn and grow.

Looking forward to the new year, Westcliff University will continue online learning for the Spring 2021 semester and we plan on providing limited onsite instruction opportunities as needed. However, details for those opportunities will be provided at a later date to accommodate any changes that may occur between now and then.

Our same student resources, including student advising, faculty support, the Writing Center, and the Academic Resource Center (ARC), remain available to all students in the virtual manner in which they have been provided this past Summer and Fall. Please refrain from coming to Westcliff campuses unless there is a scheduled class on campus. Please contact us with any questions.

Thank you for the steps you are taking to keep yourself, your classmates, teammates, and peers, and your loved ones safe. If you have any questions; please contact

Coronavirus update: 11/16/2020:

All Classes Online for 11/16/2020 through 11/20/2020

Hello Students,

Earlier this week, Orange County was placed into California’s Purple tier, indicating a high prevalence of COVID-19 in the area. For more information on the tier system, click here. Westcliff University had planned to hold onsite instruction this week (November 16 – 20, 2020) for students who had indicated wanting that option. However, in response to this new designation by the State of California, the University has decided to maintain remote instruction for the remainder of this week. Please continue attending all classes virtually through Zoom. We strongly encourage everyone to stay home as much as you can, be safe when you have to go out, and remain diligent with your studies.

Thank you, and should you have any questions; please contact

Coronavirus update: 7/9/2020:
SEVP F-1 Student Message

Hello Incoming and Prospective Students,
There has been much concern over the guidance issued to universities by SEVP and how that will affect international students this Fall. This message is to inform you that Westcliff University fully intends to offer courses in Fall 2020 that include limited onsite components in an updated hybrid format to ensure full course loads. Course meetings will be staggered across different days and times to ensure low numbers of students on campus at any given time. This will allow Westcliff University’s international students to retain their active status while studying in the United States.
Westcliff University remains steadfast in our commitment to educate our students in alignment with our regulatory bodies, including SEVP. Westcliff’s COVID Task Force has been monitoring the pandemic very closely, particularly as it relates to its impact on our students. 
In addition to our updated formats and staggered scheduling, the Westcliff COVID Task Force is developing safety measures to be implemented upon our planned return to campus classes in the Fall 2020 semester. Among these measures are: temperature screenings; screening questions for campus entry; sneeze guards; requirements for wearing masks on campus; and social distancing parameters.
More information will be shared in the coming weeks as we continue to refine our efforts to ensure you are able to pursue your academic goals in a safe and responsible manner. Westcliff will continue to consider all options in alignment with SEVP guidance to make the best decision possible so that our F-1 students maintain their status and are able to achieve their academic goals.
Please contact our admissions department at to discuss your educational options during these trying times.


Coronavirus updates: 7/6/2020:
Summer 2020 Resources

Dear Westcliff Students,

First and foremost, we hope that everyone is safe and healthy. Between international quarantines and national unrest, this is certainly a year that nobody expected. To anybody directly or indirectly impacted by recent events, Westcliff University empathizes with you and supports you. While our campuses are still closed for the time being, our team is working diligently to support you as best we can. Both Student Services Advisors and International Student Advisors remain available virtually for any assistance. 

Please find below a list of resources that may be of assistance. Some resources are local to Los Angeles / Orange County and others are California-only, so if you are not in this region hopefully this will give you a starting point to find some similar resources in your area. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to assist you with any of your academic needs or concerns.

Current Events

Travel RestrictionsRecently, the world has been reacting to rising COVID-19 rates by restricting international travel. For this reason, and in line with the State Department’s Global Level 4 Health Advisory, Westcliff University recommends that students refrain from all non-essential travel. For students that must travel, especially internationally, it is imperative to keep up with the fluid travel restrictions that countries all over the world have been implementing. One such resource put together by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is a summary of executive orders restricting travel into the U.S. from certain countries.  Recent Executive Order on Visa Restrictions On June 22nd the White House released a proclamation that will restrict the entry of foreign nationals under certain visa types. We understand that it can be difficult to keep up with the latest news about visas, but we don’t want you to be worried or confused. Looking for a simple explanation of how the latest executive order affects international students and your future as a Westcliff Warrior?  We have one just for you.

How to Contact Westcliff University for Support

Student Affairs
 To contact an advisor directly please email or call 949-825-5999 and enter any of the extensions provided in the Contact Information for Student Support document. The document also includes additional contact information by department.

Inquiries Regarding Tuition Payments

Please note the Billing Department is readily available remotely! Students experiencing challenges or hardships as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic should contact to discuss their options. While our return to campus is still being considered, all students have access to the following means for making tuition payments and thus avoiding any disruption in their education:PayPalMoney order or cashier’s checkWire paymentsFlywire (for international cards)Please email Billing for details of the above options. To make a payment you can use the online payment form. 

Outside Resources

Food Resources

If you are in need of food you can refer to the following food pantries for assistance:Saddleback Church-Irvine LocationSouth County Outreach (By appointment only) Emergency Protocol Link (You will need to call to schedule a visit)Each pantry’s goal is to allocate one week’s worth of groceries to those in need; provided there are supplies. Students will need to bring a valid (not expired) government-issued ID, including overseas ID as long as they are not expired and are government-issued. To search for Food Pantries in your area by state and city CLICK HERE.

Health ResourcesInternational Student InsuranceISO InsuranceCovered CaliforniaDepartment of Health Care ServicesPlease keep us updated if you purchase an insurance plan by completing the digital Westcliff University Health Insurance Form

Students in need of mental health assistance should first contact their health insurance provider to request a summary of benefits and coverage. Many health insurance plans include mental health services with a pre-determined copay charge. Other resources outside of your health insurance are also listed below:Newly Updated Community and Mental Health Resources211: Local, private, non-profit organization that provides resources and assistance for a wide range of topics, such as mental health, food, housing, transport, and more. Call 211, text their zip code to 898211, or visit the 211 website.Search on Google or visit some of the following public sites:Psychology Today Counseling California Open Path Additional mental health resources can be found in our Student Resource Booklet along with other resources.

Unemployment Resources

California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) has a list of options and resources for displaced workers specific to their specific situation (i.e. sick, quarantined, caregiving, etc.).

Standard Guidelines on Eligibility Requirements

When filing for Unemployment Insurance benefits, you must have earned enough wages during the base period to establish a claim, and be:Totally or partially unemployed.Unemployed through no fault of your own.Physically able to work.Available for work.Ready and willing to accept work immediately.Actively looking for work.This link provides 3 options to file for benefits: Online, Phone, Mail

Unemployment Guidance for International Students

Some students may want to understand the furlough/laid off distinction in light of what is occurring to many of the students on OPT/Stem. In general, a furlough is a short term, unpaid leave of absence with a definite end date. In other words, the worker assumes that they are going back to work in the future. 

The layoff occurs when an employer informs the employee to stop all work, typically on a permanent, long term, or permanent basis. 

F1 students who face this issue should definitely check with their state unemployment office whether they are eligible for unemployment insurance. The receipt of unemployment insurance should not affect their immigration status, now or in the future, as this is not considered a “means-tested” benefit. We all pay into a special fund through our taxes and that is how unemployment is funded.

This link provides clarity to some common questions on whether one is eligible for unemployment benefits.

Please do reach out to if you have any questions or concerns. 



Coronavirus updates: 5/8/2020:
COVID-19 Relief Fund

Dear Westcliff Students,

At Westcliff University, we are invested in your success. The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected everyone in different ways, and we are aware of the strain placed on the financial resources of some of our students. To address this, Westcliff has established the COVID-19 Relief Fund to provide some much-needed financial support to impacted students.

If you have experienced financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, complete this brief application to have your eligibility considered. Qualified applicants would receive funds to be applied toward their tuition at Westcliff. The deadline to submit this application is Thursday, May 14, 2020.

COVID-19 Relief Fund Application


Coronavirus updates: 3/30/2020
Updates from Westcliff University President

Dear Westcliff Family,

As the news continues to change everyday, I feel it is important to stay in touch with everyone regarding the goings-on at Westcliff University. I am unbelievably proud of how well our staff, students, and faculty have adapted to our 100% online classes and fully remote working environment. We are a university defined in part by our ability to acclimate quickly to change and maintain a high level of quality and service in the process. I can personally attest to the work our leadership team continues to put in to make sure we are able to continue moving forward as university and a family during these difficult times.

Federal recommendations for social distancing have been extended through April 30 at this time. With news of a massive relief package from the federal government being signed into law on Friday and executive orders for housing support from our governor last week, I do hope this provides some support to those of you impacted by COVID-19. These certainly are unprecedented conditions for the entire world, and I am so impressed with those of you who continue pursuit of your educational goals despite all of the distractions and disruptions this pandemic has brought on all of our lives.

For those of you who live close to the Westcliff main campus, Orange County announced a phone hotline for residents to call with questions about COVID-19. That number is (833) 426-6411. Please use it if you have questions about the pandemic, the county’s response, or any other related matters.

Added Security

Zoom has become quite a popular tool for both the business world and the rest of academia in the past few weeks. With that added popularity comes some additional risk of unauthorized individuals gaining access to our Zoom accounts. To ensure the security of our classrooms, Westcliff has implemented a password protection for each Zoom session starting on Monday, March 30. This password can be located in GAP right next to the Zoom link. We expect this additional security measure will be sufficient in blocking any unauthorized access to our accounts. Victor Nguyen and the rest of the Technology department have done and continue to do extraordinary work in their tireless efforts supporting the transition of our students, faculty, and staff to online classes and remote work.

Academic Resource Center

Westcliff has made the Academic Resource Center (ARC) remotely available to all Westcliff students with both a scheduled appointment process and drop-in times. Professor Jennifer Hirashiki, Dr. Kortney Hernandez, and all of our ARC specialists have been very busy coordinating and providing academic support services to our students. Last week alone, students logged over 290 hours in the ARC getting additional support in their pursuit of academic success at Westcliff. I encourage all students interested in additional academic support to schedule time with an ARC specialist today.

Stress Awareness Month

How timely it is that April is Stress Awareness Month. For students experiencing additional stress related to COVID-19 or for those just looking to manage general stress more effectively, Westcliff will be sharing strategies for stress management throughout the month of April. I encourage every Westcliff student, faculty, and staff member to put their health (including their mental health) as a top priority during these trying times. We are inherently social creatures, and the social isolation many of us might be experiencing right now can take its toll. Stay on the lookout for more from our Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. April Vuong, and her remarkable student services staff on strategies for effective stress management.

We will get through this together! Please do not hesitate to let me or other members of our leadership, staff, or faculty know if there is anything Westcliff can do for you as we wait out the COVID-19 pandemic and look forward to a return to normalcy when it is deemed safe to do so.

My best to you all; and please check the Westcliff COVID-19 website ( often for updates on information and resources related to the pandemic.


Dr. Anthony Lee



Coronavirus updates: 3/17/2020
Updates for Westcliff Family

Dear Westcliff Family,

I am very proud of the response of Westcliff University thus far in continuing to meet the educational needs of our students while making accommodations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to provide quality service and education with 100% online classes and remote support in admissions, financial aid, student advising, academic support, and career services while our campuses are closed. To date, no positive reports of COVID-19 have been reported among Westcliff University students, faculty, and staff.

To ensure that all Westcliff stakeholders are informed of the situation in the region of Westcliff campuses, I wanted to share with you the following updates.

Orange County, California

Orange County, where Westcliff’s main campus is located, has prohibited all gatherings, public or private, occurring outside of the household with some exceptions, including the facilitation of distance learning for private universities (see Orange County Order here). However, for the safety and security of all involved, we are quite fortunate to have almost all employees working remotely to facilitate our classes and support our students. All students, staff, and faculty in Orange County are strongly encouraged by the university to adhere to the mandate put forth by the county.

Los Angeles County, California

Los Angeles County, where Westcliff’s Cerritos campus is located, has prohibited many types of large gatherings. While the Los Angeles restrictions are not quite to the same degree of severity as the Orange County restrictions, Westcliff is encouraging the same provisions for all Cerritos-based employees as well, including working remotely to meet the needs of students. All Westcliff stakeholders in the Los Angeles area are also encouraged to adhere to the guidance of local government.

Southern California and Beyond

While there are no other campuses in southern California, the local counties of San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego have implemented similar restrictions on gatherings. Students in these and any areas with such government mandates are strongly encouraged to comply with these orders. Westcliff is here to support you, so please reach out to the university with any unmet needs you may have, and we will do our best to help you get them met.

Thank you all for your flexibility, adaptability, perseverance, and commitment to excellence during these challenging times.


Dr. Anthony Lee



Coronavirus updates: 3/16/2020:
Westcliff Online Classes and Campuses

Dear Westcliff Family,

As new information continues to emerge about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Westcliff University has made the decision to extend the transition of all classes to 100% online the entire remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. All Westcliff classes will be 100% online through April 26, 2020.

In addition, Westcliff University is taking additional precautions to support the well-being of all stakeholders by closing the Cerritos and Irvine campuses effective March 17, 2020. The date to reopen the campuses is to-be-determined, and only certain staff members will be permitted on campus during this time.

All university services remain available remotely, and students are advised to consult with their advisors as needed to ensure they are able to get their educational needs met. In addition, please use the following email addresses to gain access to university services:

Technology support:

Student Services:

Financial Aid:

Office of the Registrar:


Career Services:

For students seeking additional academic support, please reach out to your faculty member or to the Westcliff Academic Resource Center (ARC) at

Tobookanappointment with anARC specialist:

To virtually “stop by” the ARC and ask a question: (betweenthe hours of 10am-3pm PDT) 

Westcliff University continues to have zero reported instances of COVID-19 positive tests among staff, faculty, and students. Our goal is to do our part to support our community as a whole to stay safe, healthy, and avoid overburdening our healthcare system.

Please do your best to focus on your studies and continue striving for academic excellence. Westcliff is here for you, Westcliff believes in you, and Westcliff is extremely proud of the achievements and the perseverance of all of its Warriors!


Dr. Anthony Lee


Coronavirus updates: 3/11/2020
Notice Regarding Westcliff University Classes and COVID-19

Dear Westcliff family,

My leadership team and I have been closely monitoring the impact that the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) has had on our academic community, our region, and the world. The spread of this virus has captured the public’s attention and dominated our news, our conversations, and our concerns for each other’s health and well-being. At this time, we have no reported instances of COVID-19 among the faculty, staff, and students of Westcliff University. However, the flurry of updates I receive from and send to our Emergency Response Team underlines to me both the significance of what is happening and the dedication the staff and faculty at Westcliff have for the safety of one another. 

We are fortunate to live in an age of technology in which we are able to minimize the potential for the spread of this virus without significantly disrupting our way of life. Westcliff, in particular, is well-suited to make accommodations for our stakeholders given the existing integration of technology in our processes thus far.

Westcliff Class Adjustments
Rising levels of student and faculty concern coupled with adjustments from our regulatory bodies (for which we are quite grateful) have led us to the following decision:

  • To ensure that we do our part to protect the welfare of our students, faculty, and staff, all classes which currently have an onsite component (including study hall sessions for student-athletes) are transitioning to fully online, effective Monday, March 16.
  • All sessions that were previously held onsite are going to be maintained at the same day and time (with some minor adjustments – see below) and with the same attendance requirements, but will be conducted remotely using videoconferencing technology (Zoom).
    • Weekday classes, which are typically held for 3 ½ hours onsite (consisting of a 2 hour lecture and a 1 ½ hour discussion session) will now meet virtually for the first 2 hours of class for mandatory attendance. Faculty will remain active on the Zoom link for an additional hour after the class is over to provide any requested supplemental instruction, answer questions, etc.
    • Weekend classes, which currently meet for 2 ½ hours on Friday and 8 hours on Saturday, will now meet virtually for 6 hours on Saturday (9am-3:30 pm with a 30 min lunch) for mandatory attendance. Faculty will remain active on the  Zoom link for an additional hour after the class is over to provide any requested supplemental instruction, answer questions, etc.

Students who lack access to the technological resources needed to participate in an online class (which may include a desktop or laptop with camera, a tablet, or a smartphone) should contact to explore what options may exist for them.

At this time, the shift to hosting all classes online is effective through Week Four of the current session (which ends on March 28), though the situation will continue to be monitored closely and any updates will be shared with you as soon as they are available.

Campuses Remain Open
During this time, the Westcliff campuses remain open, and students are welcome to come to campus for advising, tutoring, computer lab use, and other services, with the following exceptions:

  • Students experiencing any symptoms of illness should avoid going to campus until their symptoms have completely cleared.
  • Students who have been in contact with someone with symptoms of illness should avoid going to campus until at least 14 days after their last point of contact with someone who is symptomatic.
  • Students who have travelled internationally should avoid going to campus until they have been back in the US for 14 days.

Students may also access many services remotely through GAP or email. For example, tutoring services can be set up remotely through GAP in each class and facilitated over Zoom.

We have made these decisions based primarily on our concern for the health and welfare of our students, staff, and faculty. Please take every preventative measure possible to keep yourself and those around you healthy.

US Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidance on Prevention

If you develop flu-like symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately. Students with questions about available healthcare services should contact

For more information, please visit #WestcliffCares


Dr. Anthony Lee