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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional search engine and network with over 530 million users. It is designed to be your online professional profile that can help you keep in touch with your connections, help you with your professional development, and lead to your future career. 

A recent study was done to see which platforms hiring managers use to search for candidates to ensure they are a good fit for the position. 

  • 95% said they search on LinkedIn
  • 65% are searching on Facebook 
  • 55% are searching on Twitter

Getting connected and staying active can help you land your next career. The more invested in your profile you are and the more active you are with your connections, the higher you are ranked when being searched by recruiters and hiring managers.  This can lead to YOU being sought after instead of investing hours and hours into finding a position and applying. You can now have people wanting you to apply for their jobs and be interested in them – how great would that be?

Contact Career Services for a 1 on 1 meeting for personalized guidance on setting up your LinkedIn and/or feedback on how you can optimize it. 

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