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Student Resource Center

Westcliff is here to support you throughout your academic journey. Navigating college and maintaining a work-life balance is equally important. Whether you are new to college, returning to college, out-of-state, or coming from another country, challenges may arise in life, and having the proper resources will help you through these moments. The following are various resources that can assist you during your time here at Westcliff University. For more information, you can also contact your Student Services Advisor.

Student Resource Booklet

Are you planning a trip to Irvine, CA? Do you need assistance with transportation? What about a cell phone? This booklet has a variety of resources from transportation, hotels, opening a bank account, and even how to get a driver’s license. If you need some assistance with acclimating to this area, please check out this resource! 

Additional transportation services, entertainment sites, essential stores, and other recommendations to visit around Southern California can be found here.

Student Life Assistance Program

Being a student isn’t always easy. There is the academic side of having lectures, assignments, presentations, and quizzes. Then there are life challenges such as finance, health, relationships, and unforeseen circumstances that can impact your focus on school. It can be frustrating when personal problems surface and there is a gap between our reality and our expectations. This gap causes stress, and anxiety, and this can easily affect our academic performance and/or relationships. Westcliff University has partnered with IMPACT Student Life Assistance Program to provide you with professional support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year along with counseling sessions. Put yourself first and take advantage of the services provided to you by our partnership. You can also request some of these resources through an online form.

Use this form to request work/life resources and referrals that are uniquely designed to assist you. These items may include, but are not limited to, legal/financial, elder and child care, housing information, medical advocacy, coaching, personal assistance services, and more.

Community and Mental Health Resources

In addition to our professional support, the Student Services Advisors have put together a handout filled with community and mental health resources for you to choose from that best fit your needs.

Health Insurance

Medical care can be extremely costly, and without adequate coverage, can create huge, unexpected financial burdens. You are strongly urged to secure your own health insurance and keep it active throughout your time at Westcliff. There are many options, and you should choose a provider and plan you decide is right for you. Here are some options for your review.