Doctoral Certificate in Business Administration

Doctoral Certificate in Business Administration

Program Description

In a fast-evolving business world we are required to react quickly, decisively and accurately. In the Doctoral Certificate in Business Administration, students will learn how to integrate business theory with business fact to create a dynamic and responsive organization with vision and the ability to execute. Students will consider such critical business factors as strategic planning, financial threat, innovative decision making and motivational leadership to underpin organizational success.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze a business challenge and provide justification for a proposed solution.
  2. Evaluate organizational communication styles and efficacy for success.
  3. Create a culture of open communication and creative solutions to address internal and external opportunities and threats.
  4. Identify key employees for strategic and communication roles.
  5. Design organizational opportunities that invite stakeholder input and creativity.
  6. Analyze the financial risk to the organization and propose fully justified solutions.
  7. Prioritize organizational challenges and identify personnel to address.
  8. Create a human resource plan that identifies the differences in communication and rewards preferences across departments.
  9. Compare the leadership styles of the organization to the leadership preferences of its teams.

Course Requirements (18 Credit Hours)

LDR 700 Leadership and Creative Solutions Implementation 3 credit hours
MGT 700 Managing People and Organizations 3 credit hours
FIN 700 Financial Risk Management 3 credit hours
MKT 700 Marketing Strategy & Consumer Behavior 3 credit hours
ECO 700 Business in a Global Economy 3 credit hours
ORG 700 Corporate Social Responsibility 3 credit hours