Graduate Certificate in Executive Management

Graduate Certificate in Executive Management

Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Executive Management is designed for students who have already received a degree and are typically employed in a management position and are desirous of obtaining the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for personal advancement as a management executive. A focus of the program is emphasis on becoming an effective leader with a capacity to lead in any specific geographical area in the world. The content of the four courses in the program are offered with a global perspective and customized assignments, using detailed case study research as specifically associated with the current or intended occupations of all students

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop mastery of functional components of business: data analysis, strategy, marketing, and organizational change.
  2. Evaluate all facets of strategic implementation and execution for a sustainable competitive advantage and the benefits and risks of expanding business through mergers and acquisitions.
  3. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of executive management and the responsibility for growing organizations. Describe how to apply concepts of various cultural, political, and legal aspects to international business activities when competing globally.
  4. Construct strategic initiatives to manage and sustain change, including implementing change management of organizational growth into global and international markets.

Course Requirements 

LDR 600 Leading Strategic Change Within Organizations 3 credit hours
MGT 500 Strategic Management in a Globalized Economy 3 credit hours
MIS 550 Big Data Analytics and Visualization 3 credit hours
HRM 601 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Management & Organizations 3 credit hours