Doctoral Certificate in Information Technology Management

Doctoral Certificate in Information Technology Management

Program Description

The doctoral certificate in Information Technology (ITM) prepares students with the knowledge and acumen required to attain roles as senior directors and executives, leading functional information technology systems and business-related technology divisions and/or units. The ITM curriculum is designed to enable business and technology administrators to lead and manage enterprise-wide IT projects and to solve complex business and IT problems. Emphasis is placed on projects that ensure digital assets security as well as on developing the expertise to implement a governance and management enterprise IT infrastructure.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Create strategic plans that implement information technology requirements and specifications of complex technology systems.
  2. Evaluate computer systems and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness by incorporating value computing methodologies.
  3. Analyze, design, develop, and maintain information technology infrastructure to allow for the implementation of strategic initiatives that incorporate emerging technologies.
  4. Compare and contrast various methodologies of computer systems design for the purpose of creating efficacy in computer-related business functions.
  5. Conduct in-depth research, independently or within the enterprise in a broad range of information technology.

Course Requirements (12 Credit Hours)

TECH 820 Business Intelligence & Information Technology 3 credit hours
TECH 821 Management Information Systems & Advanced IT 3 credit hours
TECH 822 Information Technology Project & Portfolio Management 3 credit hours
TECH 823 Governance of Enterprise IT 3 credit hours