Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Marketing

Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Marketing

Program Description

The Digital Marketing Certificate provides students with the skills set to leverage digital marketing platforms such as social media and search engines. Students will learn about marketing, communication and analytical knowledge, and will investigate ways to engage company audiences, clients, and consumers to sell products and grow.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Assess the functional scope and conceptual process of managing digital marketing in different contexts. 
  2. Identify and apply different strategies applicable for digital marketing analytics to retain more cost-effective and profitable customers.
  3. Design, communicate and implement the digital marketing programs to leverage the overall marketing of a firm.
  4. Use available information communication technologies and modern approaches to initiate independent critical thinking and reasoning skills to measure and interpret the social media effectiveness and performance.

Course Requirements (18 credit hours)

MKT 300 Principles of Marketing 3 credit hours
MKT 400 Applied Marketing Analytics 3 credit hours
MKT 401 Social Media Strategy 3 credit hours
MKT 402 Customer Relationship Management 3 credit hours
MKT 403 Digital Marketing Strategy 3 credit hours
MKT 404 Integrated Marketing Communication 3 credit hours