Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Program Description

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? If we accept the traits of creativity, imagination and a willingness to do what it takes are what is needed, why are all entrepreneurs not successful? This Certificate is designed to provide students with the tools to bring an idea to life, to innovate and to be persistent. They will explore ways to problem solve by piecing together the basic concepts of entrepreneurship, remove barriers and support change.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the basic concepts of entrepreneurship, market opportunity recognition, and new venture creation. Understand the entrepreneurial process at work in businesses other than traditional startups: corporate entrepreneurship, lifestyle businesses, franchises, non-profits. 
  2. Understand the innovative mindset; distinguish between innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship; identify different categories of innovation; understand misconceptions of innovation, and examine similarities and differences of individual and corporate innovation..
  3. Explore the opportunity identification process, define and illustrate the sources of innovative ideas for entrepreneurs, examine the role of creativity and the creative process, introduce the four major types of innovation, explain the challenge of new-venture start-ups, present critical factors involved in new-venture development, and study certain factors that underlie venture success.
  4. Understand the basic elements of distributive bargaining including the strategy and tactics of distributive Bargaining. Explore factors that determine how ethics affect negotiation processes.

Course Requirements (18 credit hours)

LDR 300 Introduction to Leadership 3 credit hours
ENT 400 Analytical Approach to Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship  3 credit hours
ENT 401 Entrepreneurial Innovation Management 3 credit hours
ENT 402 Negotiation Theory and Skills for Entrepreneurs 3 credit hours
ENT 403 Feasibility Analysis for Sustainable Entrepreneurship 3 credit hours
ENT 404 New Product Development for Entrepreneurs 3 credit hours