Undergraduate Certificate in Human Resources

Undergraduate Certificate in Human Resources

Program Description

The Human Resources Certificate focuses on employee selection, training, management development, industrial relations, compensation and the dynamics of organizational behavior. Students are prepared to become human resources practitioners in high-performing organizations. They will demonstrate competency in critical areas, including business practices, making strategic contributions to an organization and effective management of the human resources department.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Employ critical thinking and intellectual rigor in developing analytically appropriate actions, solutions, or responses to complex issues in managing the Human Capital. 
  2. Link the value of compensation and reward management to leverage the other functional aspects of human resource management in an organization.
  3. Identify the different methods, concepts, and instruments of performance measurement applicable in different organizational settings.
  4. Develop knowledge of legal requirements within the HR functions.

Course Requirements (18 credit hours)

ORG 300 Introduction to Organizational Behavior  3 credit hours
HRM 400 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 3 credit hours
HRM 401 Compensations and Reward Management 3 credit hours
HRM 402 Strategic Human Resources Planning  3 credit hours
MGT 400 Performance Management 3 credit hours
MGT 401 Management of Labor Relations 3 credit hours