Undergraduate Certificate in Finance

Undergraduate Certificate in Finance

Program Description

The Undergraduate Certificate in Finance focuses on investments and the workings of financial institutions. Students will study topics such as corporate and global finance, financial and technical feasibility analysis of a project or program. This concentration provides a solid foundation for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Interpret stockholders’ reports and basic financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, statements of retained earnings, and cash flow statements. 
  2. Examine the role and interactions of banks, including the central bank, and other financial institutions in the modern dynamic financial system.
  3. Discuss the various sources of long-term the firm’s financial policy. Discuss short-term financial planning and management.
  4. Explain various risks faced by financial institutions in general, as well the volatility in markets and various securities.

Course Requirements (18 credit hours)

FIN 300 Essentials of Corporate Finance 3 credit hours
FIN 400 Working Capital Management 3 credit hours
FIN 401 Financial Institutions and Markets 3 credit hours
FIN 402 Corporate Financial Decisions 3 credit hours
FIN 403 Financial Derivatives 3 credit hours
FIN 404 Investment Decisions 3 credit hours