Undergraduate Certificate in Sports Management

Undergraduate Certificate in Sports Management

Program Description

The Undergraduate Certificate in Sports Management is to provide students with the skills and practical and theoretical concepts in marketing, public relations, education, ethics, economics and financial management as well as the social and legal issues inherent in this field.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze and connect leadership and management principles and knowledge of the sports industry to support strategic decisions and organizational goals. 
  2. Identify the means by which organizations create competitive advantages (business models, local resources, analytics, etc.) and the policies/operations that allow their competitive advantage to be sustainable.
  3. Understand the various professions in the field of exercise science and the ways in which professionals in sport and sport management work in cooperation.
  4. Understand, describe and articulate how psychological variables influence sport behavior, participation, and performance.

Course Requirements (18 credit hours)

ORG 300 Introduction to Organizational Behavior 3 credit hours
SPM 400 Contemporary Issues in Sports & Exercise Science 3 credit hours
SPM 401 Organizational Sports & Strategic Management 3 credit hours
SPM 402 Leadership Principles for Sports Management 3 credit hours
SPM 403 Sports Psychology 3 credit hours
SPM 404 Sports Facility & Events Management 3 credit hours